Table 1

Equilibrium dissociation constant and maximum binding of [3H]-(R)-PIA to DDT1MF-2 cells after 48-hr exposure to (R)-PIA or DPCPX

PretreatmentKd Bmax
nm pmol/mg of protein
None7  ± 10.17  ± 0.01
(R)-PIA8  ± 10.09  ± 0.01b
DPCPX8  ± 20.22  ± 0.021-a

Cells were incubated with or without 50 nm(R)-PIA or 50 nm DPCPX for 48 hr before [3H]-(R)-PIA binding assays. Binding experiments and analysis of binding data were performed as described in Experimental Procedures. Data represent mean ± standard error of three separate experiments.

    • 1-a p < 0.05,bp < 0.01 compared with untreated cells.