Table 2

Summary of the effects of altering p53 status on cisplatin sensitivity

Cell Linep53 Status of Cell Line2-aTransfection2-bChange in Cisplatin SensitivityReference
Human foreskin fibroblastsWT HPV-16 E6 Sensitive Hawkins et al., 1996
MCF-7 (breast)WT HPV-16 E6 Sensitive Fan et al., 1995
Dom neg p53Sensitive Fan et al., 1995
RKO (colon)WT HPV-16 E6 Sensitive Fan et al., 1995
PA-1 (ovarian)WT HPV-16 E6 Resistant Wu and El Diery, 1996
HCT116 (colon)WT HPV-16 E6 Sensitive Fan et al., 1997
LymphoblastoidWTDom neg p53Resistant Piovesan et al., 1998
A2780 (ovarian)WTDom neg p53Resistant Brown et al., 1993; Herod et al., 1996
AsPC-1 (pancreatic)MTWT p53No change Kimura et al., 1997
HL60MTWT p53Sensitive Ju et al., 1998
SKOV-3 (ovarian)NullWT p53No change Graniela Siré et al., 1995
Dom neg p53No change
  • 2-a p53 status of cell line before transfection: WT, wild type; MT, mutant.

  • 2-b Gene transfected: Dom neg p53: dominant negativep53 mutant transcript; WT, wild-type p53 transcript.