Table 1

Genes that were deemed present by the Affymetrix software (at least in the c-Jun samples)

Accession NumberGeneRelative Expression
M33197 GAPDH445934908849822
Reciprocally regulated genes
X79780 Rab11B591770−25
S82240 Rho84261111180
X99656 SH3GL11332627−705
U81607 Gravin2041037−24
M26062 IL2R3211222−130
M25269 ELK14071291184
D85131 Myc-associated zinc finger protein2762983538
X04434 IGF-1R−37130192
X05908 Lipocortin/annexin-147318255748
AB000220 Semaphorin E37345681148
U03891 Phorbolin 1510235938
M59979 COX-13031704−97
DNA repair and antiapoptotic genes
M86737 SSRP1786174206519
D63874 HMG-1181381568112913
X62534 HMG-2581131363266
U32986 XPE580456106880
D14533 XPA23079121227
M13194 ERCC1535143004865
U03911 hMSH2448321583267
M14745 Bcl-215239041791

Those genes defined as ′reciprocally regulated genes′ are genes whose expression significantly changed 2-fold or greater compared with LNCX. In addition, the tabulated genes are limited to those genes whose expression increased or decreased on both experimental GeneChips compared with both LNCX control GeneChips.