C. elegans: AHR-1 expression and loss of function phenotype

An ahr-1::gfp construct driven by the ahr-1 promoter was used to determine localization of the protein. AHR-1 was detected in 28 neurons, 5 blast cells, and 2 phasmid socket cells. Animals homozygous for AHR-1 LOF mutations exhibit several defects in the development and/or function of these cells (see text for details).

ahr-1 Loss-of-Function Phenotype


Cell type
Failure to express genes required for social feeding behavior URXR, URXL, AQR?, PQR? Pseudo-coelomic sensory neuron
Defects in cell pathfinding and axon extension AVM, SQDR, PLML, PLMR Mechanosensory neuron
Cell fate/identity RMEL, RMER Ring motor neuron
None reported ALNR/L, PVM, BDUR/L, PLNR/L, PHCR/L, PVWR/L, SDQL, MI, I3, ASKP/R, RIPR/L Neuron, T.ppa, T.ppp, G2, W Blast cell

PHso1, PHso2
Phasmid socket cell