Proposed physiologic effects of P2Y14R activation

P2Y14R-Associated ResponsesReferences
Regulation of dendritic cell maturationSkelton et al., 2003
Inhibition of T-lymphocyte proliferationScrivens and Dickenson, 2005a
Recruitment of monocytes and macrophages in inflammationXu et al., 2012
Stimulation of neutrophil chemotaxisSesma et al., 2012; Barrett et al., 2013
Enhancement of degranulation of mast cellsGao et al., 2013
Promotion of hematopoietic regenerative responsesCho et al., 2014
Regulation of osteoclast differentiationLee et al., 2013; Kook et al., 2013a
Regulation of astrocyte remodelingKinoshita et al., 2013
Stimulation of innate mucosal immunity in the female reproductive tractArase et al., 2009
Promotion of lung inflammationMuller et al., 2005
Regulation of gastrointestinal muscle contraction and meal passageBassil et al., 2009; Meister et al., 2014
Regulation of insulin secretionMeister et al., 2014
Regulation of smooth muscle contraction in some vascular bedsMeister et al., 2014; Haanes and Edvinsson, 2014a; Alsaqati et al., 2014