Table 3

Residues in bovine rhodopsin found in SASA calculations to be protected by retinal and aligned residues of representative receptors that have been implicated in ligand binding.

ResiduesSASA %Representative ReceptorsReferences
Glu1133.28, ACM1, NK2R Bhogal et al., 1994; Matsui et al., 1995; Simpson et al., 1999
Gly1143.29, P2YR, GASR, MSHR, ACTR Kopin et al., 1995; Naville et al., 1996; Jiang et al., 1997;Yang et al., 1997; Simpson et al., 1999
Ala1173.32 13.12.410.75H1A, B2AR, A2AA, D2DR, HH2R, ACM1, ETBR Strader et al., 1987, 1988, 1991; Fraser et al., 1989; Wang et al., 1991; Gantz et al., 1992; Ho et al., 1992;Mansour et al., 1992; Zhu et al., 1992
Thr1183.33, AA1R Wess et al., 1991; Rivkees et al., 1999;
Gly1213.36 Almaula et al., 1996
Glu1223.37, AA1R, P2YR Jiang et al., 1996; Moro et al., 1998; Rivkees et al., 1999
Met2075.42 10.60.310.35H1A, A2AA, B2AR Wang et al., 1991; Ho et al., 1992; Liapakis et al., 2000
Phe2085.43, B2AR Strader et al., 1989; Mansour et al., 1992
His2115.46, D2DR, B2AR Strader et al., 1989; Wang et al., 1991; Mansour et al., 1992
Phe2125.47 21.614.67.0A1AA, 5H2A, D2DR Cho et al., 1995; Wetzel et al., 1996; Shapiro et al., 2000
Phe2616.44 Breu et al., 1995
Trp2656.48 13.00.512.55H1B, 5H2A Roth et al., 1997; Granas and Larhammar, 1999;
Tyr2686.51 Chen et al., 1999
Ala2696.52, 5H2A, B2AR Dixon et al., 1988; Choudhary et al., 1993; Granas et al., 1998
Ala2726.55, D2DR Woodward et al., 1994; Wieland et al., 1996
Ala2927.39, 5H1B, B2AR, A2AA, ACM1, P2UR, GASR, P2YR Suryanarayana et al., 1991; Guan et al., 1992; Oksenberg et al., 1992; Suryanarayana and Kobilka, 1993; Erb et al., 1995; Kopin et al., 1995; Matsui et al., 1995; Jiang et al., 1997
Ala2957.42 3-a, AA1R, AG2R, NTR1 Savarese et al., 1992; Tucker et al., 1994; Perlman et al., 1997; Labbe-Jullie et al., 1998
Lys2967.43, AA2A, AA1R, P2YR, PAFR Olah et al., 1992; Kim et al., 1995; Ishii et al., 1997; Jiang et al., 1997; Roth et al., 1997

Data are shown as the percentage of total surface of each residue that is exposed to water. All positions listed, except for 3.37, were accessible and protected in D2 receptor SCAM experiments (Javitch et al., 1995a,b, 1998; Fu et al., 1996). Receptor names are abbreviated according to their SWISS-PROT Annotated Protein Sequence Database entry names:

    • NR, SASA calculated without retinal; WR, SASA calculated with retinal; Δ, difference between NR and WR.

    • 3-a  G4157.42C in the D2 receptor did not bind ligand.