Table 1

Potency of obidoxime to antagonize the delay of [3H]NMS dissociation by the indicated allosteric modulators

Gallamine4.70  ± 0.06
W844.61  ± 0.05
Alcuronium4.30  ± 0.141-b
WDuo34.16  ± 0.07
Duo33.00  ± 0.081-d

The concentrations of obidoxime are given at which the curves for the allosteric action of the respective modulators are shifted to the right by a factor of 2 (i.e., pKb values for interactions compatible with a competitive model, pA 2 values for the interplay with Duo3 that was not compatible with a competitive mechanism; pA 2= pKb /n; see eq. 2 in Data Analysis).2 Values are mean ± standard error, derived from five experiments. EC0.5 values are derived according to Lew and Angus (16). Values were compared using an unpaired two-sample t test.

    • 1-a p < 0.05.

    • 1-b p < 0.01.

    • 1-c p < 0.001.

    • N.S., not significant.

    • 1-d Value is pA 2.