Table 1

HO and biliverdin reductase activity of Hepa 1c1c7 cells

Cell treatmentSpecific activity pmol/min/mg
HOBiliverdin reductase
Control2.5  ± 0.768.1  ± 8.4
Hemin (6 hr)10.2  ± 1.01-a 63.6  ± 7.2

Cell lysates prepared from control or hemin-treated cells (100 μm for 6 hr) were incubated with 2 μm hemin or biliverdin in the presence of 1 mm NADPH for determination of HO or biliverdin reductase activity, respectively. Bilirubin formation was quantified by HPLC as described in Experimental Procedures. Values are mean ± standard deviation of three (HO) or four (biliverdin reductase) individual experiments.

    • 1-a Significantly different from control (p < 0.01).