Table 1

cAMP accumulation in 293 cells expressing the D3 receptor and ACV in the presence or absence of PTX

ForskolinForskolin + quinpirole
−PTX5.56  ± 1.261.81  ± 0.381-a
+PTX2.45  ± 0.562.51  ± 0.63

Cells were labeled overnight in the absence or presence of 100 ng/ml PTX. cAMP accumulation was assayed as described in Experimental Procedures in the presence of 1 μm forskolin with or without 10 μm quinpirole. cAMP accumulation is expressed as percent conversion from [3H]ATP to [3H]cAMP.

Values are average ± standard error of four experiments.

    • 1-a Significantly less than forskolin-treated cAMP (p < 0.05).