Table 1

Pattern of homozygous deletion of chromosome 9p21 markers in MTAP-transfected and control cell lines

Cell lineDoubling timeIFNB1IFNA1MTAPp16 3′p15 Exon 2D9S171D9S169
MiaPaCa-2 WT23.9++
MiaPaCa-2/MTAP-AzG26.50.30 ± 0.04++
MiaPaCa-2/MTAP-G24.20.21 ± 0.09++
PANC-1 WT31.9++++
PANC-1/MTAP-Az34.4++0.20 ± 0.10++
PANC-1/MTAP-G24.7++0.11 ± 0.02++

All markers except MTAP were assessed by PCR amplification of genomic DNA, as described previously (24). Doubling time determined using DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum. MTAP was assessed using a previously described radiochemical assay (24). Enzyme activity, expressed as nmol of adenine formed/min/mg of protein, is given in parentheses (mean ± standard deviation of at least two determinations).-, MTAP activity in the cell extract was <0.01 nmol of adenine formed/min/mg of protien.

    • +, Expected PCR product for the particular marker was observed, indicating the presence of at least one allele of the DNA segment in question. −, No PCR product was observed, indicating a homozygous deletion.