Table 1

Amino acid identities of MLP-1 and MLP-2 with related ABC transporters

DomainEntire lengthUpstream of ABC-1ABC-1Between ABC-1 and 2ABC-2Downstream of ABC-2
Amino acids1–15021–643644–792793–12801281–14371438–1502
 hMRP1531 aa42.835.558.441.662.247.6
 Rat cMOAT1541 aa38.325.
 Rat MLP-21523 aa40.235.757.735.059.050.0
 Rabbit EBCR1565 aa38.626.751.033.759.041.3
 Rat SUR1582 aa33.021.939.126.351.336.2
 YCF11515 aa32.726.348.328.551.646.9
 Human MRP31-a 485 aa41.256.453.1
 Human MRP41-a 126 aa58.639.7
 Human MRP51-a 222 aa54.739.7
Amino acids1–15231–642643–791792–13011302–14581459–1523
 hMRP1531 aa55.752.467.848.773.273.4
 Rat cMOAT1541 aa45.735.766.443.371.856.2
 Rabbit EBCR1565 aa45.236.763.142.668.853.1
 Rat SUR1582 aa36.724.044.830.351.638.6
 YCF11515 aa38.029.451.035.373.158.5
 Human MRP31-a 485 aa79.184.189.2
 Human MRP41-a 126 aa51.652.5
 Human MRP51-a 222 aa55.754.2
  • EBCR, epithelial basolateral chloride conductance regulator; SUR, sulfonylurea receptor; YCF1, yeast cadmium factor; ABC-1, amino-terminal ABC; ABC-2, carboxyl-terminal ABC.

  • 1-a Partial sequences were reported by Kool et al., 1997.