Table 2

Tissue distribution of rat MLP-1, MLP-2, cMOAT, and hMRP

Probe tissueMLP-1 ratMLP-2 ratcMOAT rathMRP
Liver+++2-a 2-b ++++2-a +2-a
Kidney+2-a +2-a +2-a ++2-a
Duodenum++2-a +++2-a ++2-a +2-a
Jejunum 2-b +++2-a +2-a +2-a
Colon 2-b +++2-a N.D.+2-a
Lung 2-b ++2-a 2-b ++++2-a
Spleen 2-b 2-b (+)2-c ++2-a
Brain 2-b 2-b (+)2-c +2-a
Heart 2-b 2-b (+)2-c +2-a
TestisN.D.N.D. 2-b ++++2-a

Northern blot was performed as described in the legend to Fig. 2. The expression of cMOAT in SD rats was determined by Northern blot analysis (Ito et al., 1997). The expression of MRP in human tissues was determined by Northern blot and RNase protection assay as reviewed by Loe et al. (1996).

  • 2-a The relative expression level is indicated by + symbols in the following order: ++++ > +++ > ++ > +.

  • 2-b The expression was not detectable by Northern blot analysis (data not shown).

  • 2-c In these tissues, a shorter band (∼4 kb) was observed compared with other tissues (5.0, 6.3, and 8.3 kb) (Ito et al., 1997). N.D., not determined.