Table 1

Binding and displacement parameters for rat preparations

Direct BindingDisplacement
NicotineCytisineLigandCytisineKiNicotine KidHβEKiRef.1-a
fmol/mg nM fmol/mg nM nM nM nM
Rat brain (P2)1150.9990.20Cytisine0.140.7171
Rat cortex40.90Cytisine0.453.3222
Rat cortex573.5Nicotine2.004.2913
Rat spinal cord202.2200.40Cytisine0.712.3214
Rat mean2.20.500.832.638
HN42 cells5440.403830.12Cytisine0.4322
  • 1-a The references are: 1, Anderson and Arneric, 1994; 2,Pabreza et al., 1991; 3, Martino-Barrows and Kellar, 1987; 4, Khan et al., 1994.