Table 2

Modified Mal II peptides containing d-IIe15inhibited capillary endothelial cell migration

Unmodified Mal IIS  P  W  S  S  A  S  V  T  A  G  D  G  V  dI  T  R  I  R>200
d-IIe 15-Mal II derivatives
 19-merS  P  W  S  S  A  S  V  T  A  G  D  G  V  dI  T  R  I  R8.5  ± 0.7
 NonapeptideG  D  G  V  dI  T  R  I  R3.0  ± 3.8
 Acetylated heptapeptide ac-G  V  dI  T  R  I  R7.1  ± 1.0
 Ethylamide-capped heptapeptide ac-G  V  dI  T  R  I  R-neth1.8  ± 0.2
 Retro-inverso cooh-G  dV   I dT  dR dI  dR-nh 2 7.0  ± 0.6
  • The concentration at which each peptide inhibited 50% of bFGF-stimulated capillary endothelial cell migration was determined from three independent experiments with at least five concentrations of peptide. Each peptide is listed starting from its N terminus, with the exception of the retro-inverso which is listed starting from its C terminus. Ac, acetyl group; Neth, N-ethylamide group.