Table 1

Ki values of Y-27632 and Y-30141 for Rho effector kinases and PKCα

Protein KinaseKm for ATPKi
μM μM
ROCK-I0.15 /0.151-a 0.220.03
ROCK-II0.25 /0.291-a 0.300.05
Citron kinase0.12 /0.241-a 5.31.1
PKN0.17 /0.081-a 3.11.4
PKCα6.1731-b 6.01-b
PKA1-c 13250.3
MLCK1-c 50>25014
  • 1-a Ki values for Y-27632 and Y-30141 were calculated from the Linewaver-Burk analysis based on two series of competition experiments, and the Km values of various kinases for ATP were determined in each experiments, one for competition with Y-27632 and the other for competition with Y-30141, are shown at the left and the right of the slash, respectively.

  • 1-b Calculated from IC50 values.

  • 1-c Cited from Uehata et al. (1997).