Table 3

Description of CYP1B1 alleles found in Ethiopian population (n = 150) and their allele frequency determined by allele-specific PCR and restriction fragment length polymorphism

AlleleProteinNucleotide ChangesAmino Acid Substitution(s)Trivial NameAllele frequency
CYP1B1*1 CYP1B1.1Nonewt8.3
CYP1B1*2 CYP1B1.2142C>G, 355G>TArg48Gly, Ala119Serm1 + m236.7
CYP1B1*3 CYP1B1.34326C>GLeu432Valm339.0
CYP1B1*4 CYP1B1.44390A>GAsn453Serm42.0
CYP1B1*5 CYP1B1.5142C>G, 4326C>GArg48Gly, Leu432Valm1 + m30.7
CYP1B1*6 CYP1B1.6142C>G, 355G>T, 4326C>GArg48Gly, Ala119Ser, Leu432Valm1 + m2 +m36.3
CYP1B1*7 CYP1B1.7142C>G, 355G>T, 4326C>G; 4360C>GArg48Gly, Ala119Ser, Leu432Val, Ala443Glym1 + m2 + m3 +m57.0