Table 1

Effect of SKY1 disruption on yeast sensitivity to cytotoxic agents

ResistanceCisplatin1-a(4-fold)Carboplatin1-a (2-fold)
HypersensitivityCadmium chloride1-c 5-Fluorouracil1-d
No changeOxaliplatin1-a Etoposide1-b
Sodium arsenite1-c 6-Mercaptopurine1-d
Busulfan1-e Streptozotocin1-e
NMU1-e Procarbazine1-e
Mitomycin C1-e Camptothecin
Ionizing radiationUV light

Sensitivity was monitored by colony formation assays in S. cerevisiae sky1Δ cells (i.e., cells from which theSKY1 gene had been disrupted) versus isogenicSKY1 + cells. For each agent, these assays were performed at least three times, and consistent results were obtained each time. Resistance or hypersensitivity factors were calculated from the IC50 values as estimated from Figs. 1 and 2. Different classes of chemicals are indicated by footnotes.

    • 1-a  Platinum analogs.

    • 1-b  Topoisomerase II inhibitors.

    • 1-c  Heavy metals.

    • 1-d  Antimetabolites.

    • 1-e  Alkylating agents.