Table 1

Distribution and regulatory properties of Ca2+-sensitive adenylyl cyclases

DistributionModulation by G Proteins and in Vivo EffectsModulation by Ca2+/Half-Maximal ConcentrationPhosphorylation and In Vivo Effects
AC1Brain (abundant in dentate gyrus and cerebral cortex), adrenal medulla, and retinaGs/activation when paired with Ca2+Gi/inhibitionActivation/150 to 200 nMCamK IV/inhibition PKC/activation
AC3Olfactory epithelium, retina, brain, spinal cord, adrenal medulla, adrenal cortex, germ cells, smooth muscle, heart, and lung.Gs/activationInhibition/100 to 200 nMCamK II/inhibition PKC/activation
AC8CNS, lung, and parotid gland; low in heart and ovary.Not regulated by Gi or Gs.Activation/800 nMNot determined