ERK/P-38 MAPK signaling is not involved in IL-1β stimulated MUC5AC mucin production in NHTBE cell cultures

EGFR ligands were removed from the cultures (triplicate cultures per treatment group for each experiment) 24 h before treatment. Cultures were pretreated for 1 h with PD98059 (50 μM), U0126 (25 μM) or SB203580 (50 μM). The levels of MUC5AC mucin were determined after 8-h cotreatment with IL-1β. Concentrations of inhibitors were chosen based on preliminary dose response experiments and on previously published results (Li et al., 1998). The data represent the mean fold-change of MUC5AC mucin in treated cultures compared with untreated control cultures determined from two independent experiments.

Treatment Inhibitor Fold change of MUC5AC Mucin
IL-1β None 2.22*
PD98059 2.58
U0126 2.71
SB203580 2.25
  • * , P < 0.05, statistically significant induction of MUC5AC.