ABC probes printed on the ABC-ToxChip

Oligo indicates that the probe is a single-stranded, 70-mer oligonucleotide; cDNA indicates the probe is a fragment of double-stranded DNA amplified by PCR, ABC transporters are named using the HGNC nomenclature ( The probes are named after matching RefSeq entries [National Center for Biotechnology Information, e.g., C3 (NM-003786, AJ294547.1, AJ294559.1, AJ294558.1)]. The exon most closely matching the sequence is indicated.

Probe ABC Transporter GeneBank Identifier Matching Exon Probe ABC Transporter GenBank Identifier Matching Exon
OLIGO ABCA1 NM-005502.1 OLIGO ABCC3 NM-003786.2
CDNA ABCA1 XM-050009.5 cDNA ABCC3 AJ294547.1 Exon 3
OLIGO ABCA2 AF178941.1 cDNA ABCC3 AJ294559.1 Exons 20-23
OLIGO ABCA3 NM-001089.1 cDNA ABCC3 AJ294558.1 Exon 19
cDNA ABCA3 XM-028843.2 cDNA ABCC3 NM-020038.1
OLIGO ABCA4 NM-000350.1 OLIGO ABCC4 NM-005845.1
cDNA ABCA4 Y15644.1 Exon 10 cDNA ABCC4 XM-036453.1
cDNA ABCA4 Y15676.1 Exon 42 cDNA ABCC4 AF071203.1
cDNA ABCA5 NM-018672.1 cDNA ABCC4 U66686.1
cDNA ABCA5 XM-057257.3 cDNA ABCC4 AF071202.1
OLIGO ABCA8 NM-007168.1 OLIGO ABCC5 NM-005688.1
cDNA ABCA12 NM-015657.1 cDNA ABCC5 BC007229.1
OLIGO ABCB1 NM-000927.2 cDNA ABCC5 AF146074.1
cDNA ABCB1 M29426.1 Exon 4 cDNA ABCC5 AB005659.1
cDNA ABCB1 M37723.1 Exon 6 cDNA ABCC5 XM-002914.6
cDNA ABCB1 XM-029059.2 OLIGO ABCC6 NM-001171.2
cDNA ABCB1 M29447.1 Exon 28 cDNA ABCC6 AF076622.1
OLIGO ABCB2 NM-000593.2 cDNA ABCC6 AF168791.1
cDNA ABCB2 U07198.1 Exon 4 cDNA ABCC6 NM-001171.2
cDNA ABCB2 S70260.1 OLIGO ABCC7 NM-000492.2
cDNA ABCB2 NM-000593.3 cDNA ABCC7 M55109.1 Exon 4
OLIGO ABCB3 NM-000544.2 cDNA ABCC7 M55032.1 Exon 19
cDNA ABCB3 XM-165824.1 cDNA ABCC7 XM-004980.4
OLIGO ABCB4 NM-018850.1 OLIGO ABCC8 NM-000352.2
cDNA ABCB4 XM-167466.1 OLIGO ABCC9 NM-005691.1
cDNA ABCB5 XM-166496.1 cDNA ABCC11 NM-032583.2
OLIGO ABCB6 NM-005689.1 cDNA ABCC12 NM-033226.1
cDNA ABCB6 BC000559.1 OLIGO ABCD1 NM-000033.2
cDNA ABCB6 XM-050891.4 cDNA ABCD1 BC025358.1
OLIGO ABCB7 NM-004299.2 OLIGO ABCD2 NM-005164.1
cDNA ABCB7 XM-032877.2 OLIGO ABCD3 NM-002858.2
OLIGO ABCB8 XM-032165.2 cDNA ABCD3 BC009712.1
cDNA ABCB8 XM-032165.5 OLIGO ABCD4 NM-005050.1
OLIGO ABCB10 NM-012089.1 cDNA ABCD4 NM-020326.1
cDNA ABCB10 XM-001871.4 OLIGO ABCE1 NM-002940.1
OLIGO ABCB11 NM-003742.1 cDNA ABCE1 XM-003555.9
OLIGO ABCC1 NM-019902.1 OLIGO ABCF1 NM-001090.1
cDNA ABCC1 AF022824.1 Exon 2 cDNA ABCF1 BC016772.1
cDNA ABCC1 AF022826.1 Exon 4 OLIGO ABCF2 XM-039075.1
cDNA ABCC1 AF022830.1 Exon 8 cDNA ABCF2 BC001661.1
cDNA ABCC1 AF022853.1 Exon 31 cDNA ABCF3 NM-018358.1
cDNA ABCC1 AJ003198.1 OLIGO ABCG1 NM-004915.2
cDNA ABCC1 NM-019902.1 cDNA ABCG1 XM-032950.3
cDNA ABCC1 AF022830.1 Exon 8 OLIGO ABCG2 NM-004827.1
OLIGO ABCC2 XM-050760.1 cDNA ABCG2 XM-032424.1
cDNA ABCC2 AJ132306.1 Exon 23 cDNA ABCG2 AF098951.2
cDNA ABCC2 AJ245627.1 Exon 26 cDNA ABCG4 XM-012099.8
cDNA ABCC2 U63970.1 cDNA ABCG8 NM-022437.1