Description of the human data set used for subclassification of Rhodopsin GPCRs

The classification is based on Fredriksson et al. (2003c), except for OLF, which are from Zozulya et al. (2001).

Model Name Number of GPCRs Description
AMIN (α group) 42 Bioamine GPCRs binding 5-hydroxytryptamine, dopamine, histamine, trace amines, adrenalin, and acetylcholine
MEC (α group) 22 Receptors for phospholipids (EDG), melanocortin, cannabinoids, and somatostatin receptors together with three orphan GPCRs
MTN (α group) 3 Melatonin and orphan receptor GPR50
OPN (α group) 9 Opsin/putative opsin receptors and orphan receptors GPR21 and GPR52
PTGR (α group) 15 Prostaglandin receptors and orphan receptors SREB 1-3, GPR26, GPR61, GPR62, and GPR78
PEP (β group) 35 Receptors for NPY, tachykinins, neurotensin, orexin, neuromedin, NPFF, PrRP, GnRH, CCK, etc.
CHEM (γ group) 42 Bradykinin receptors and receptors/putative receptors for chemokines
MCHR (γ group) 2 Receptors for melanocyte concentrating hormone
SOG (γ group) 15 Somatostatin, opsin, and galanin receptors
LGR (δ group) 8 Orphan LGR receptors and receptors for relaxin, FSH, TSH, and LH
MRG (δ group) 8 MRG and MAS receptors
OLF (δ group) 347 Olfactory receptors according to Zozulya et al. (2001)
PUR (δ group) 42 Purin/putative purin receptors, formyl-peptide receptors, retinoic acid receptors, and orphan GPCRs