Structural relatives of the human UGT1A1

Only unique sequence hits are shown. For the PSI-Blast search, the expectation value is given, and for the Dali searches the z-score is given. Structure 2o6l was used as the query in the Dali search. Sources are given of modeling work where a structure has been used as a template.

PDB ID CodeSource SpeciesSourcePSI-BlastDaliUsed as a Template (Source)
2acvMedicago truncatulaTriterpene UGT71G10−5121.2Li and Wu, 2007; Locuson and Tracy, 2007; Osmani et al., 2008
2c1xVitis viniferaUDP-glucose flavonoid GT2 × 10−5020.7
1iirAmycolatopsis orientalisGtfB5 × 10−5019.3Hans et al., 2004; Thorsøe et al., 2005; current study
2pq6Medicago truncatulaMultifunctional GT7 × 10−4621.3
2iyaStreptomyces antibioticusMacrolide GT2 × 10−4521.3Current study
2iyfStreptomyces antibioticusMacrolide GT6 × 10−4520.3
1rrvAmycolatopsis orientalisGtfD10−4419.6Locuson and Tracy, 2007
2o6lHomo sapiens,UGT2B710−4436.1Current study
1pn3Amycolatopsis orientalisGtfA2 × 10−3918.5Thorsøe et al., 2005; Fujiwara et al., 2009a
2vceArabidopsis thalianaUGT72B110−4220.3Osmani et al., 2008; current study
2p6pStreptomyces fradiaeC-C bond forming GT2 × 10−3916.8Current study for Nα3–1
3d0qMicromonospora echinosporaCALG39 × 10−3917.8
1f0kEscherichia coliMurG4 × 10−3614.1