CN-I point mutations, their localization in the model, and hypothetical function

Bold residues belong to the signature sequence.

MutationLocalization in the ModelSuggested Function
H39DFirst turn of Nα1Catalytic residue
C177REarly in loop 5Possible palmitoylation site
G276RIn the linker, next to env1 and env2Conserved Gly site
A292VIn Cα0, facing the solventInhibits glycosylation at Asn295?
G308ERight after Cβ1, packing to UDPDisturbs the binding pocket
R336W/Q/lLate in Cβ2, next to UDPInterferes with the active site
Q357RStarts Cα3, binds to uridineDisturbs the binding pocket
A368IMiddle of Cβ4, packs to Cα6 and Cβ1Interferes with packing
S375RStarts Cα4, at domain interfaceInterferes with packing
S381RIn Cα4, packed toCβ4 and Cβ5Conserved small residue site
P387R/SStarts Cβ5, next to Cα6 and env1Conserved Pro site
G395VBefore Cα5, next to UDPDisturbs the binding pocket
A401PIn Cα5, packs tight to Cβ5 and Cβ6Interferes with packing
K428EIn Cα6, contacts E424 and N425Destabilizes domain interface
W461RIn env2, next to Cβ7Interferes with packing