Comparison of different cholesterol-loading protocols

Taurocholate transport activity of wild-type BSEP-expressing Sf9 cell vesicles was determined after cholesterol loading with two different protocols. For each protocol, the cholesterol enrichment was calculated after lipid extraction and determination of cholesterol amount by thin-layer chromatography. Transport experiments were realized as described in Materials and Methods. Cholesterol enrichment and transport studies were reproduced at least two times independently.

Cholesterol ContentTaurocholate Transport for 10 Minutes
No LoadingCholesterol LoadingFold IncreaseNo Cholesterol LoadingCholesterol Loading
μmol/mg proteinpmol/mg protein
Protocol 10.03030.2678.833.3293.8260.545.8627.1581.3
Protocol 20.03670.3028.223.5102.579.011.4132.1120.7