Expression of BCRP/Bcrp and Na+/K+ ATPase proteins in mouse kidney, liver, and cortical vessels obtained by AQUA quantification by UHPLC-MS/MS

Data are presented as the mean of the calculated value for the digestion replicates of each sample. Therefore, the %CV represents the variability between samples and digestion replicates. The analytical %CV corresponding to the digestion reproducibility was inferior to 20% in all the samples. For liver and kidney samples three different mice per line were used, and each sample was digested in triplicate. For cortical vessels samples two WT and three hBCRP mice were used, and each sample was digested from one to three replicates, depending on the protein amount obtained after vessel isolation.

Expression per sample group 
in fmol/μg of total protein (%CV)
TissueMouse lineBcrp/BCRPNa+/K+ ATPase
Liver (PMF)WT1.55 (7.6%)15.6 (8.9%)
hBCRP0.726 (12.6%)17.1 (8.63%)
Kidney (PMF)WT37.7 (9.07%)317 (24.9%)
hBCRP9.34 (14.5%)231 (13.6%)
Cortical vessels (WL)WT0.225 (44.0%)26.4 (31.9%)
hBCRP0.393 (17.4%)29.1 (32.9%)
  • PMF, plasma membrane fraction; WL, whole lysate.