Chemical structures of previously identified inhibitors of RGS Protein family members

Given are compound names and structures of commercially available RGS inhibitors. Compounds with numbers refer to their PubChem identifier, and CCG or UI indicates Center for Chemical Genomics (University of Michigan) or University of Iowa, respectively, nomenclature. Reference is the reference in which the indicated compound was first identified. NEM was included for its reactive nature toward cys residues. Dashes indicate that the structures are cys-reactive probe compounds used in this study.

6018993Embedded ImageStoraska et al. (2013)5428579Embedded ImageStoraska et al. (2013)
1777233Embedded ImageStoraska et al. (2013)CCG-63808Embedded ImageBlazer et al. (2010)
1911669Embedded ImageStoraska et al. (2013)CCG-55919Embedded ImageRoman et al. (2009)
6383479Embedded ImageStoraska et al. (2013)CCG-4986Embedded ImageRoman et al. (2007)
CCG-50014Embedded ImageRoman et al. (2009)1472216Embedded ImageStoraska et al. (2013)
CCG-63802Embedded ImageBlazer et al. (2010)UI-1590Embedded ImageMonroy et al, (2013)
UI-5Embedded ImageMonroy et al. (2013)NEMEmbedded Image
DACMEmbedded Image