Quality of description with different values for N and LWT

The experimental values for EC50 for GABA were compared with values predicted with different assumed values for NGABA and LWT using the logarithm of the ratio (EC50,exp/EC50,pred) to assess the quality. The first and second columns give the assumed value for LWT and NGABA. The third column gives mean ± S.E.M. for the parameter. The fourth column gives the P value that the mean differs significantly from 0 (where a value of 0 indicates identity of EC50,exp and EC50,pred; one sample two-tailed t test). The data sets analyzed are shown in Fig. 4, A and B, 13 pairs of values for L and EC50,GABA.

LWTNGABAlog(EC50,exp/EC50,pred)P to 0
30002−0.32 ± 0.070.001
90002−0.08 ± 0.060.22
27,00020.15 ± 0.060.04
900010.69 ± 0.13<0.001
90002−0.08 ± 0.060.22
90003−0.26 ± 0.070.005