Binding affinities of PYY and its truncated analogs for WT-hY2

PeptideWT-hY2Fold change Ki/PYY-(3-36) Kin
Ki (nM)a,b95% CIc
PYY0.057*0.042; 0.0780.1522
PYY-(3-36)0.380.31; 0.44143
PYY-(18-36)1.4*0.78; 2.43.66
PYY-(19-36)1.8*0.96; 3.44.86
PYY-(22-36)9.6*4.7; 19255
  • a Ki is calculated as the geometric mean of the n independent experiments.

  • b One-way ANOVA with Dunnett post hoc analysis was performed for the pKi values, the significance of the differences with PYY-(3-36) is indicated (*P < 0.001).

  • c 95% confidence interval (CI), given as [lower; upper].