Relative PFC DNA methylation, neurotransmitters receptor affinities, and therapeutic profiles of selected antipsychotics in PRS mice

DrugsaAntipsychotic ClassAffinity for Neurotransmitter ReceptorsbTreatment Efficacy in PRS Mice (Correction of SZ-Like Behavior)Promoter Hypermethylation
CLO 5 mg/kgAtypical+++++++++++++++++cDecreasedc,d
HAL 1 mg/kgTypical++++++++cNo effectd
RIS 0.5 mg/kg 5.0 mg/kgAtypical+++++++++++++dNo effectd
RG108 100 nmol/72 μl (i.c.v.)+++dDecreasedd
  • a Antipsychotic drugs were injected subcutaneously twice a day for 5 days. On the 6th day, 18 h after the last injection, mice were tested for behavioral activity (vertical activity, social interaction). RG108 was administered at a rate of 0.5 μl/h i.c.v. for 5 days.

  • b Affinity for neurotransmitter receptors (−) minimal to none; (+) low; (++) moderate; (+++) high; (++++) marked. Data are from Jarskog et al. (2007).

  • c Data are from Dong et al. (2016).

  • d Data are from this article.