Content of hypericin and hyperforin determined by HPLC-UV

Percentage of hypericin or hyperforin content given in the compendium was converted to content per 100 mg extract. For quantification by HPLC, a standard curve was used to calculate the concentration of hypericin or hyperforin, respectively. Data from quantification are from three independent experiments.

Formulation (Tradename)Hypericina
(Declared Content)Hypericina
(Quantified by HPLC)Hyperforinb (Declared Content)Hyperforinb 
(Quantified by HPLC)
mg/100 mgmg/100 mg± mgmg/100 mg± S.D.
ARKOCAPSc0.30.09± 0.040.24± 0.01
DEPRIVITAd0.1–0.30.18± 0.011.04± 0.05
HAENSELER MENOPAUSEe0.1–0.30.10± 0.010.34± 0.01
HYPERIPLANTf0.1–0.30.15± 0.02361.62± 0.03
JARSINg0.1–0.30.20± 0.020.70± 0.02
REBALANCEh0.1–0.30.08± 0.01<0.20.02± 0.01
REMOTIVh0.1–0.30.09± 0.01<0.20.02± 0.01
SANDOZ HYPERICUMi0.1–0.30.21± 0.020.85± 0.04
SOLEVITAd0.1–0.30.16± 0.031.02± 0.07
VOGEL HYPERIMEDj0.5­–0.80.08± 0.01
VOGEL HYPERIFORCEj0.2–2.10.08± 0.01
  • a The content of hypericin corresponds to the sum of the content of hypericin and pseudohypericin.

  • b The content of hyperforin corresponds to the sum of the content of hyperforin and adhyperforin.

  • c Arko Diffusion SA, Les Avacias, Switzerland.

  • d Permamed AG, Therwil, Switzerland.

  • e Hänseler AG, Herisau, Switzerland.

  • f Schwabe Pharma AG, Küssnacht, Switzerland.

  • g Vifor SA, Bern, Switzerland.

  • h Zeller AG, Romanshorn, Switzerland.

  • i Sandoz Pharmaceuticals AG, Holzkirchen, Germany.

  • j Bioforce AG, Roggwil, Switzerland.