EC50 of test compounds in different human BC and human endometrial cancer cell lines

The EC50 was calculated to indicate potency differences between test compounds used in treating these cell lines over a specific period of time (Figs. 2 and 4), as indicated in the table.

Cell LineTime FrameCompoundE1E2E3E4BMI-135
MCF-7:5C1 wkEC50 (−log [M])−9.19−10.89−10.04−8.73−8.39
MCF-7:5C2 wk−10.00-−10.31−9.30−8.98
MCF-7:2A2 wk−8.99−10.74−9.14−8.50−8.29
MCF-7:RAL1 wk−11.11−12.99−9.13−10.07−9.97
MCF-7:RAL2 wk−8.93−11.06−9.04−7.22−9.24
MCF-7:RAL3 wk−9.53−10.89−9.75−8.38−7.47
MCF-7:PF1 wk−8.68−10.67−9.43−8.52−8.87
MCF-7:WS81 wk−10.01−11.92−10.81−9.80−9.01
T47D:A181 wk−9.33−11.25−10.01−8.98−8.87
BT-4741 wk-−11.31--−8.71
ZR-75-11 wk-−11.39--−8.21
Ishikawa1 wk-−10.97-−8.26−8.57