Compiled IC50 values and Hill coefficients for GS-967, eleclazine, ranolazine, lidocaine, and lacosamide for tonic block and UDB in hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes

Tonic block
 IC50 (μM)12.5457.811751241
 95% CI (μM)a0.47–11190.5–5.499.7–1100826–17101070–1486
 Hill coefficient11.
UDB 2 Hz
 IC50 (μM)
 95% CI (μM)0.07–0.120.16–6.316.5–10.783.8–453.5158.4–876.6
 Hill coefficient2.
UDB 10 Hz
 IC50 (μM)
 95% CI (μM)0.06–0.080.28–10076.7–9.163.9–1161131.4–212.9
 Hill coefficient1.812.80.71.2
UDB 2 Hz (400 ms)
 IC50 (μM)
 95% CI (μM)0.04–0.060.28–0.575.1–8.223.1–4931.8–51.1
 Hill coefficient2.
  • 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.

  • a The confidence intervals for IC50 values were calculated using the asymmetric (likelihood) method and determined from one fit of the pooled data.