List of phosphoproteomic data sets; links to browsing and download sites

Data Set NamePublication YearCell TypeExperimentLink
Phosphorylation sites in IMCD proteins – response to vasopressin2019Native rat IMCD cellsResponse to V2 agonist dDAVP
Mouse mpkCCD phosphoprotein database2010Cultured mpkCCD cellsResponse to V2 agonist dDAVP
Quantitative phosphoproteomics of vasopressin-sensitive renal cells: regulation of Aquaporin-2 phosphorylation at two sites2006Native rat IMCD cellsResponse to V2 agonist dDAVP
TiPD2011Native rat IMCD cellsTime course of response to V2 agonist dDAVP
Phosphopeptides altered by PKA deletion in mouse mpkCCD cells2017Cultured mpkCCD cellsEffect of CRISPR-mediated deletion of both PKA catalytic genes
IMCD phosphoproteome with acute lithium treatment2014Native rat IMCD cellsResponse to short-term treatment of rats with lithium
Effect of satavaptan on phosphoproteome in rat inner medullary collecting duct2014Native rat IMCD cellsEffect of V2 antagonist satavaptan
  • iTRAQ, isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantitation; TiPD, temporal iTRAQ phosphoproteomic database. IMCD, inner medullary collecting duct; mpkCCD, mouse epithelial cell culture line resembling cortical collecting duct.