List of phosphoproteomics studies of PGE2 signaling

The table gives an overview of the studies discussed in this review article. In addition to the four phosphoproteomics studies of PGE2 signaling in T cell, two related articles have also been included. Abbreviations: PMID - PubMed IDentifier, Ti4+ - titanium (IV) ion, IMAC - immobilized metal affinity chromatography.

StudyCell TypeLabelingEnrichmentData and Pathway Analysis ApproachesNotes
Oberprieler et al. (2010). High-resolution mapping of prostaglandin E2–dependent signaling networks identifies a constitutively active PKA signaling node in CD8+CD45RO+ T cells. PMID: 20558615Primary CD3+Stable isotope dimethyl labelingPhosphositePlus, NetworKIN, Scansite, Phosida, IceLogoCombined with phosphoflow
Giansanti et al. (2013). Interrogating cAMP-dependent kinase signaling in Jurkat T cells via a protein kinase A targeted immune-precipitation phosphoproteomics approach. PMID: 23882029JurkatStable isotope dimethyl labelingPKA motif antibody enrichmentIngenuity Pathway Analysis, Cytoscape, STRING, PhosphoSitePlus
de Graaf et al., 2014. Single-step enrichment by Ti4+-IMAC and label-free quantitation enables in-depth monitoring of phosphorylation dynamics with high reproducibility and temporal Resolution. PMID: 24850871JurkatLabel-freeSTRING, NetworKIN, IceLogo, Gene Ontology analysis
Lone et al., 2021. Systems approach reveals distinct, joint signaling networks of the four PGE2 receptors in T CellsPrimary CD4+, CD8+, TregsLabel-freeNetworKIN, IceLogo, Phonemes, STRING, PhosphoSitePlus, Predict Functional PhosphositesCombined with phosphoflow
Individual stimulation of 4 PGE2 receptors
Gerarduzzi et al. (2014). Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of signaling downstream of the prostaglandin E2/G-protein coupled receptor in human synovial fibroblasts: potential antifibrotic networks. PMID: 25223752Primary synovial fibroblastsLabel-freePKA motif antibody enrichmentIngenuity Pathway AnalysisRelated study
Beltejar et al. (2017). Analyses of PDE-regulated phosphoproteomes reveal unique and specific cAMP-signaling modules in T cells. PMID: 28634298JurkatLabel-freeNetPhorest, Predict Functional Phosphosites, STRING, Gene Ontology AnalysisRelated study.
Combined stimulation with PDE inhibitors and PGE2