Current clinical trials with EP4 antagonists.

This table gives an overview of current clinical trials with EP4 antagonists in cancer. To identify clinical trials, a search was performed on with the keyword “Prostaglandin E2,” selecting for interventional studies and condition = cancer/neoplasm/tumor. In addition, searches were also performed with the names of all EP4 antagonists listed in the database, as well as EP4 antagonists found by searching the NCI Drug Dictionary: Abbreviations: NCI - National Cancer Institute, MSS - microsatellite stable, PD-1 - Programmed death 1, PD-L1 - Programmed Death 1 Ligand 1, NSCLC - Non small-cell lung cancer, DMARD - disease modifying antirheumatic drugs

Trial NumberTitleConditionsEP4 AntagonistCombination withStatusPhase
NCT04344795Phase 1a/1b study of TPST-1495 alone and with Pembrolizumab in subjects with solid tumorsSolid tumor, microsatellite stable colorectal cancer, adenocarcinoma of the lung, squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck, bladder cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, gastric cancerTPST-1495PembrolizumabRecruiting1
NCT03658772Grapiprant and Pembrolizumab in patients with advanced or progressive MSS colorectal cancerMicrosatellite stable colorectal cancerGrapiprantPembrolizumabRecruiting1
NCT03696212Grapiprant (ARY-007) and Pembrolizumab in patients with advanced or metastatic post-PD-1/L1 NSCLC adenocarcinomaNon–small-cell lung cancer adenocarcinomaGrapiprant andPembrolizumabRecruiting1, 2
NCT02538432Phase 2 trial of EP4 receptor antagonist AAT-007 (RQ-07; CJ-023,423) in advanced solid tumorsProstate cancer non–small-cell lung cancer breast cancerRQ-00000007GemcitabineWithdrawn2
NCT03163966A study of the EP4 antagonist CR6086 in combination with methotrexate, in DMARD-naïve patients with early rheumatoid arthritisRheumatoid arthritis, DMARD-naïve. and early disease patientsCR6086MethotrexateUnknown2
NCT00957983EP4 receptor antagonism and prostaglandin E2 in a human headache modelHeadache, migraineBGC20-1531Completed1, 2