Studies in which phosphoprotemic response to vasopressin was measured. Progress has been marked by a progressive improvement in sensitivity of phosphoproteomic methods used.

YearReferenceTissueNumber of Phosphopeptides QuantifiedQuantification MethodNumber of Phosphorylation Sites ChangedNumber of Phosphorylation Sites Increased
2006Hoffert et al., 2006Rat IMCD suspensions17Label free94
2010Rinschen et al., 2010Mouse mpkCCD cells338SILAC4518
2012Hoffert et al., 2012Rat IMCD suspensions1427Isobaric tags (iTRAQ)4430
2019Deshpande et al., 2019Rat IMCD suspensions10,738Isobaric tags (TMT)219156
2020Datta et al., 2020Mouse mpkCCD cells19,221SILAC452205
  • IMCD, inner medullary collecting duct; iTRAQ, isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantitation; mpkCCD, mouse epithelial cell culture line resembling cortical collecting duct; SILAC, stable isotope labeling in cell culture; TMT, tandem mass tag.